It was announced recently that Porsche has appointed a new CEO who was formerly the head of product management at VW owned Audi. Matthias Mueller was said to be a driving force at Audi which is what Porsche need for their line-up of cars.

This comes after figures showing that its entry-level Boxster and Cayman models have suffered a 12 percent decline in deliveries to 7,630 in its first nine months. Counteracting this drop, Porsche introduced the 53,100 euro Boxster Spyder which featured the 3.4-litre six cylinder engine impractically designed to drive with the textile roof down, which even I could see was not great planning for an entry level model which should be more practical.

Thus the German automaker have already drafted up plans to double the number of models in its line-up from four to eight. This will include adding a new range of cars similar to the Boxster but smaller, hopefully in price as well. Accomplishing this, Porsche will utilize platforms within the VW range, already seen with the Cayenne SUV, sharing its platform with the Toureg and Audi Q7.

Rumours of a Porsche Golf have been repeated on and on in the past few years and perhaps that will finally come to reality? But the idea of a smaller Boxster-like vehicle with an engine up front driving the front wheels is just weird!

Porsche aims to bolster up sales to a point where they will be producing 150,000 units of vehicles globally by 2013, along with surpassing Toyota in deliveries and profitability by 2018.