Fuel-Wallet GaugeAccording to Malaysiakini, both petrol and diesel prices will go up by RM0.05 effective midnight tonight. That’s pretty much all their brief news piece says, but if all three types of fuel are hiked that would mean new prices of RM1.85 per litre for RON95, RM2.10 per litre for regulated RON97 and RM1.75 per litre for Euro 2M diesel.

Just as a recap, here is Idris Jala’s proposed plan to cut down on fuel subsidies in Malaysia as part of the PEMANDU think tank project:

  • Current 2010 Price – RM1.80 per litre RON95
  • Q3/Q4 2010 Price Hike – RM1.95 per litre RON95
  • 2011 Price Hike – RM2.16 per litre RON95 (broken into 2 hikes, once per 6 months)
  • 2012 Price Hike – RM2.20 per litre RON95
  • 2013 Price Hike – RM2.34 per litre RON95
  • 2014 Price Hike – RM2.52 per litre RON95
  • 2015 Price Hike – RM2.60 per litre RON95

Stay tuned for more updates!