Somewhere at the back of the F1 World Championship title race is 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher with his 36 points, 109 points behind pacesetter Lewis Hamilton. Has Formula 1 changed so much since Schumi quit the game? Or has the German, now 41, grown too old for the sport?

However, unlike many F1 observers, Michael’s biggest fan hasn’t given up on him, his biggest fan being himself. His motivation for coming out of retirement hasn’t changed despite the low key start this season. “When I came back, the aim was to win another title. That’s what I’m here for, very clearly; I know the final target and where I want to go and I’m confident that I can achieve it,” he said.

On his performance so far in 2010, Schumi said “I’m not perfectly happy with my own performance. There is an expectation out there which is impossible to meet (with the current car), but I’m not a magician – I just need time and I will take my time.”

The man previously admitted to BBC that he has to ‘raise his game’ especially since Mercedes GP teammate Nico Rosberg is way ahead of him in points. Rosberg has also been on the podium three times this season, somewhere Michael hasn’t been since his return. Let’s hope he does well in his home race this weekend in Hockenheim.