There is obviously a market for the likes of the questionably designed Mercedes-benz CLS. Even Audi introduced the A7 recently and now comes news that BMW will follow suit with a proper four-door coupe (the 5 GT is more like a curvy hatchback).

According to German publications, management board member Klaus Draeger hinted at a recent event that the grand coupe concept will become a four door coupe and will go under the 6-Series badging and will feature design from the Concept Gran Coupe. The Concept Gran Coupe looks very much production ready and it’s likely that most of the design will be carried over, with some additions of course – the frameless doors will likely remain but it will probably get a B pillar.

This might also see the use of a hybrid engine in the new models along with the standard diesel and petrol engine and even an M-branded variant. The release date is a bit sketchy, but it could be seen in the market sometime in 2012.

Apart from that, the development of a 6-Series with a Shooting Brake bodytype has also been discussed. BMW are said to be evaluating the viability of such a model and are still unsure if they will be putting it into production.


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