BMW’s Design Night event in China in conjunction with Auto China 2010 brings to us something completely unexpected – a near-production four door coupe called the BMW Concept Gran Coupe which is meant to be a continuation of the allegedly “scrapped” BMW Concept CS. Coincidentally they are both China world premieres.

I don’t know about you but to me, it looks like BMW has finally got their new post-Bangle car design just nice with this, although you could say that they are probably also playing kinda it safe. But when a concept car is this ‘safe’ it’s definitely really close to production. The F01 7-Series was pretty nice looking but its nostrils are oversized. The 5 GT is just ugly. The new 5 looks good but still feels a little off in terms of design. This is near perfection, maybe if the rear number plate was on the bood instead of on the bumper it would look even better, but it’s still sex on wheels as it is.

The Concept Gran Coupe is a four door sedan, but the B pillar is hidden. There are traces of previous concept cars in the design as well – the tail lamp internal lense design is similiar to the one on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics although on that car it was a floating design and on the Concept Gran Coupe it is enclosed inside a tail lamp.

The question now is when are they putting it into production, and what will it become? It’s quite clearly a rival to cars such as the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7 (the Rapide is just too expensive to be in the same league) but will they revive the 8-Series nameplate, or call this a four door 6-Series (along with a two door coupe and convertible 6-Series)?

Look after the jump for more pictures of this gorgeous coupe.

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