Auto component supplier Continental are more commonly known in the country for providing high quality tires along with brake systems, power train and vehicle electric components.

They’re now looking to introduce a low-cost solution for mild hybrid systems in smaller vehicles at the bottom end of the price range. The system will be similar to other start stop setup (also known as mild hybrid for some reason) where the vehicle automatically stops when idle, and when the clutch is pushed the engine starts up again in a few fractions of a second.

Vehicles that have electronic units that use battery power will also be free from the scourge of voltage dips with the help of a DC/DC converter when engine is restarted. Along with that, infotainment and radio will still be able to operate normally during the whole process.

All that will be needed for this system is the start stop control unit, an intelligent battery sensor and a signal from the clutch and the gearbox. The system is simple and would be able to function even if the car doesn’t have complex ECU’s or electronics. Adding to that is the fact that there will be no need to modify the engine’s ECU or the gearbox controls to accommodate the Continental system.

As with many other start-stop systems, the fuel consumption could be reduced by up to 15 percent especially in urban areas and cities. Continental would like to see their system employed in countries such as India and China, where the governments in these respective countries are looking at ways of reducing new cars CO2 output and pollution in general.

Since Continental claims its system costs relatively lower, could we see it in Proton cars in the future? Continental is an existing supplier to Proton.