The Bonneville Speed Week in Utah attracts the daredevils of the world who bring their own super machines to hit incredible speeds thanks to 142 kilometres of flat dessert sand under them. The salt flats have played host to various successful land speed record attempts.

One Ferrari owner decided to give it a go with his V12-engined Ferrari Enzo. Now before you think that he’s bastardized this classic, you should know that his car was previously a wreck as he crashed it in a rally back in 2006.

Along with a new body from the one-off Pininfarina P4/5, Richard Losee has went the forced induction route. The car now makes 850hp, at boost levels of 11 to 12 lbs. He says boost levels could be taken up to 18 to 20 lbs which could produce a power output of a 1,000 horses.

Helping with the vehicle dynamics, the car has been lowered and fitted with slimmer tires. A new carbon fibre nose is also fitted as they found the old one wasn’t stable at speeds of above 362km/h. No official details have been released of its performance figures, but it’ll definitely be faster than the Enzo’s top speed of 364km/h.

We eagerly await to see what the results are!