Ferrari’s latest 458 Italia is so hot, it has been catching fire across the globe. It has been reported that five of the cars have burst into flames since leaving the company’s Maranello factory. Incidents have also been reported in California, Paris, China and Switzerland. This has led the world’s most famous supercar maker to recall the model, which will involve 1,248 very wealthy customers.

Apparently, the problem lies in the glue used to secure the wheel arch lining to the car’s chassis, and this adhesive has been overheating as it’s near to the exhaust system. There’s a risk of it catching fire when the 458 has been driven for a sustained period of time at high speed. A Ferrari spokesman said that all 458 Italias built since the end of the July 2010 had been modified at the factory to resolve the issue.

In Malaysia, the 458 Italia is sold from RM2 million per unit by Naza Italia. At the car’s launch back in April, Naza Italia said it had 14 names in its order books for the 570 bhp 4.5-litre V8 Prancing Horse. Since there hasn’t been any sightings of burned 458s in our hot weather, it’s save to assume that they are all safely kept in the cool garages of Datuk and Tan Sri owners.

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