DRB-HICOM and Potenza Sports Cars Ltd, owner and manufacturer of Westfield cars, have entered into a joint venture agreement that will result in the production of a new line of eco-friendly and affordable sports cars in Malaysia. The cars, which will include electric and hybrid versions, are to be made in Pekan for the domestic and Asia Pacific region.

This comes after a feasibility study was conducted after both parties signed a MoU in April. Under the new agreement a new JV company will be set up to handle the importing, manufacturing and distribution of the sports cars. The same company will also export knocked down kits and components manufactured in Malaysia to PSC for assembly in the UK. The British built cars will serve the UK and European market.

Westfield is niche British manufacturer that makes lightweight open-top sports cars inspired by the Lotus Seven.

“We expect production to begin by 2012,” said Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Khamil Jamil, DRB-HICOM Group MD, who added that this is a significant move towards the company developing its own brand. “For DRB-HICOM, this is our giant step towards realising our vision of designing and developing our own brand of vehicles in cooperation with our global partners,” he said.

DRB-HICOM’s Pekan, Pahang facility is set to be a very busy hub. The company recently signed a MoU with Volkswagen in the production of three VW models in Malaysia. If all goes well, the first batch of CKD VW cars will roll out some time in the first quarter of 2011.