Further speculation and rumour has pointed to the fact that Lamborghini may not be introducing the Murcielago replacement in Paris, but instead just a demonstrator concept vehicle, according to publication autoguide.com. This would actually shed some light on the teaser pictures that the Italian company has been releasing recently. One indicated the possibility of a V10 engine, while another showed a dash made out of just carbon fibre and nothing else. Plus the design of the top dash looked a little too futuristic for a production model.

Other reports seem to point to a different direction as 0-60 magazine reported that during a Lamborghini dealer’s meeting in the US, the agenda for Paris included the unveiling of the V12 Lamborghini LB715-5 and the Lamborghini 83X, which is said to be the Gallardo replacement. Is this one for the rumour mill or to be actually considered as fact? At this point, it is best for you to decide. What ever it is, we can be sure that we’ll be getting something completely new in Paris.

Even if it is a concept car, Lamborghini will definitely make use of either the technology or design for future models. Hence it is still something to look forward to. Catch all these when our man in Paris brings you the latest at the end of this month. Teaser pictures available after the jump.


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