Bernie Ecclestone seems to be contradicting himself, but that’s in every Formula 1 fan’s favour. This is after reports stating that Formula 1 will be available in High Definition (HD) as early as 2011. We previously reported the F1 supremo as saying that the earliest they would broadcast in HD is 2012, but he said that it will be earlier than that. “I think what’s being produced at the moment is very, very good but I think we’ll be moving to High Definition, probably next year,” Bernie said speaking to the BBC.

According to sources, the 2010 Formula 1 is being recorded in HD, but this feed is not available to broadcasters. Formula 1 fans in any region, if they had the chance, would rather watch the races in HD. It could very much be the case here in Malaysia as well.

Back home, some Formula 1 races are broadcasted on Astro Beyond’s ESPN HD channel, but they are not in HD format, according to an Astro call centre executive. Nevertheless I can’t help but notice that the quality is slightly better compared to when it is shown on the Standard Definition ESPN-Star channel.

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