Federation of Automobile Workshop Owners Association Malaysia has announced that they will be introducing a profiling system where customers will be able to ascertain prices and details of a workshop online.

The online system would offer better transparency and prevent consumers from getting conned, according to federation president Kong Wai Kwong. “For a start, the system will encompass about 500 PARS (PIAM Authorised Repairers Scheme) approved workshops in the country. Eventually, it will cover all our 2,700 members nationwide,” he went on to add.

The database will start by providing information on six high selling brands in Malaysia, which are Proton, Perodua, Honda, Nissan, Kia and Toyota. This makes up about 85 percent of cars sold in Malaysia.

The Federation will also be grading each workshop according to their manpower, methodology of repair work, machinery and materials available. “The workshops have to achieve the minimum requirement of the silver level. As they attain higher standards, they will be promoted to gold and eventually platinum,” he continued.

Both a sigh of relief for consumers and a warning to unscrupulous workshop owners, the new system will eventually force all workshops to take the straight road or face being run out of business. Previously only community forums could provide this service, but unfortunately lacked uniformity and direction. This is definitely one of those things that will be highly successful, if managed properly.