Dany Bahar has revealed that the Lotus City Car concept has been confirmed and will be launched as a production car in October 2013. He also mentioned that the car would be a project together with Proton and another car manufacturer, which leads us to believe that Proton and Lotus have found a suitable third party to share in the development costs of the vehicle, or at least provide a platform.

According to Bahar, there will be three cars spawned from the project – one for the Asian market (this should be Proton’s), one for the European market (the third party?) and a sportier version (this is the Lotus for sure). So who might this third party be? There has not been any official word yet but according to Autocar India back in November this year, the Nissan V platform might be used to underpin the EMAS range of cars.

Since Nissan already has a V platform car – the March, if indeed rumours that this project would use the V platform is true, the European car in question could be some form of next generation Renault Clio perhaps? 2013 would be actually a good time to launch it since the current car launched in 2007 (and facelifted recently) would be due for replacement by then.