Greetings from Paris! After an epic traffic jam to reach the Porte de Versailles and failing to find a seat in this packed press room, here’s the start of our live report from the show. And to kick things off, we have something Malaysians are familiar with – Proton’s EMAS concept with three doors and a Lotus badge. It’s called the Lotus CityCar Concept and sports styling that differs from the EMAS. Click here to see the EMAS.

This CityCar Concept is not part of the five new Lotus cars that will mark a new beginning for the company. The five new cars will be unveiled later in the afternoon. It’s a full range of sports cars ranging from a lightweight compact model like the Elise, to a full on supercar that takes aim at the best from Ferrari and Porsche. There’s also a luxury GT and a four-door version that should be a challenger to the Panamera.

Meanwhile, take a look at this CityCar Concept. The front styling is the “new face” of Lotus which you will see on the new range. Gone is the old look with the Lotus mouth – in with super sharp lines and squinty eyes.