While Malaysia proved to be a good stomping ground last year for BMW and Mercedes-Benz, with a record year being posted by both, the larger scope also had both German carmakers going great guns in 2010. Globally, both companies did very well – BMW’s group sales went up by 13.6% last year, with worldwide sales of its BMW, Mini and Rolls-Royce cars totalling 1.46 mil, up from about 1.29 mil the year before.

The BMW brand accounted for more than 1.22 mil of the total, which is a 14.6% increase from 2009. Mini went up by 8.1% to 234,175 and Rolls-Royce managed to sell 2,711 cars, an impressive 171% jump.

While group sales increased in almost all markets, China spearheaded the growth, pitching in with 168,998 cars sold there last year, an increase of 86.7% year on year. In the US, sales were up by 9.9% to 265,757 vehicles delivered. Germany remained the largest market for the brand, though only by a shade – sales went up by 3.1% to take the number to 266,009.

The company says it expects to do even better by selling a record number of vehicles in 2011, hoping to exceed 1.5 mil in sales volume this year.

As for Mercedes-Benz, its worldwide passenger cars sales rose 15% in 2010 to 1.167 mil units, from 1.01 mil the year before. In the US, 216,400 cars were sold, a 14% increase over 2009’s 190,600 units, while in Germany, Benz sales last year attained a comparative level to that in 2009 – 265,000 cars in 2010 to 265,500 units in 2009.

In China, sales more than doubled – deliveries for 2010 in China totaled 148,400 passenger cars, or a 112% increase from 70,100 units in 2009. High growth rates were also achieved in other markets – India reached a record level of 5,800 units sold, up by 80% over the previous year, while Russia saw a 64% jump to 19,700 units. Adding in the 97,500 units of the smart fortwo sold globally last year, group sales totaled 1.265 mil cars.