This one’s for them bike enthusiasts, then. Shell Malaysia has launched a new range of motorcycle oils called Advance 4T, available in four clearly tiered and easily differentiated products designed for specific types of bikes and performance requirements.

The new product range features newly-developed RCE Technology, designed to deliver reliable oil performance by helping remove deposits and maintain viscosity for better protection, better control via smoother gear changes and slippage prevention as well as a more enjoyable ride by reducing vibration and engine noise.

At the top of the range is the new Advance Ultra 10W-40 fully synthetic oil, and Shell says the API SM/JASO MA2 oil – which is priced at RM45 per litre grey-coloured pack – delivers up to 80% better oxidation control, 78% better piston deposit control, 27.4% better sludge control and 48% better valve train protection compared to standard industry test limits.

Next, there’s the new Advance AX7 10W-40 synthetic technology oil for high performance power bikes. In a blue package and priced at RM28 per litre, it’s designed to boost the performance of standard bikes and mopeds.

The Advance AX5 15W-40 premium multi-grade oil is perfect for standard bikes and is proven to enhance the performance of mopeds. This API SL/JASO MA-rated oil, packaged in a bright yellow container, is priced at RM19 per litre. For moped owners, there’s the Advance AX3 20W-40 multigrade, which offers smoother performance and a more responsive riding experience. This one comes in a bright red packaging and goes for RM15.30 per litre.