Porsche seems to be doing well these days. The sports car brand is now looking to extend its manufacturing to the outside of Germany and the whole of Europe to be exact. Porsche’s CEO Matthias Mueller has revealed to Germany’s Focus magazine that the company may set up production in North America and China to help the company double up its annual global sales to 200,000 units. “We will consider this year whether to start production in Asia or North America,” were his exact words.

The company is also expected to use the former Karmann factory in Osnabrueck, Germany to manufacture the Boxster and Cayman models. This plant was taken over by Volkswagen on January 1st. Up to now, Porsches have been built in Germany, at the Zuffenhausen and Leipzig plants. The out-of-Germany production could also be done in existing Volkswagen factories. In fact, the upcoming Cajun SUV could be built in Volkswagen’s Chinese factory where the Audi Q5 is also being rolled out.

Porsche is also confident that producing its cars outside of Germany would not hurt the company’s image as the production of the Boxster was once outsourced to contract manufacturers in Finland. “We are OK as long as we can say our cars are engineered by Porsche,” he told to another magazine, WirtschaftsWoche.

It makes sense to start producing Porsches in North America as the United States is one of the brand’s most important market. China is of course another important market for the company. Porsche also plans to establish a new customer centre as well as a test track in Shanghai while the number of dealers are expected to rise in China, from 35 to 85, then probably to 100 outlets.