The Honda NSX deserves a successor, but plans for one were scrapped along with Honda’s Formula 1 involvement back in 2008. It was the power of the accountant, not dreams, that was stronger during that period, but since then the economy and car sales have rebounded, and many carmakers are even breaking records these days. So is it finally time for the NSX replacement?

According to a report by Asahi, Honda is revisiting plans to make one, and it was revealed by no other than company president Takanobu Ito at a motorsports function. The new model will be based on the HSV-010GT race car that is currently competing in Super GT. That racer was supposed to be the road going NSX before the detour, so it’s essentially a continuation of the project.

Ito said he wanted to commercialise the HSV because other automakers participate in the competition with racing versions based on cars sold on the market. “I think Honda should respect the history of the Super GT competition (as a stock-car race),” he said. Honda found a loophole in the regulations that allowed it to campaign a “production ready” model in the HSV-010.

There could be more good stuff besides the flagship, something more attainable. “There are two types of sports cars-affordable and high-performance. I hope we will be able to market both,” the boss was quoted as saying.