Yet more in the way of value-added items for Veedub owners – Volkswagen Group Malaysia has announced the start of the Volkswagen five-year premium roadside assistance programme.

As its title suggests, never fret if something untoward happens to your VW – rather than finding a tow truck in the dead of night, relying on friends or family or simply counting on someone to stop and help, a single phone call will have assistance on the way.

In the event that the vehicle is immobilised due to an accident or breakdown, the 24-hour Volkswagen Premium Roadside Assistance (VPRSA) hotline can be contacted for said immediate assistance. If it’s possible for minor repairs to be carried out, VPRSA will arrange for such repairs on the roadside. In the event it isn’t possible to repair the car on the site, VPRSA will arrange for the vehicle to be towed.

The offering announced today follows on the five-year warranty with unlimited mileage that was launched by the company last year.

In the case of the five-year premium roadside assistance programme, it’s offered to new Volkswagen car owners who have purchased their cars from 2009 onward. If you’re a VW owner, it’s all great stuff, undoubtedly.