New Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar has been making some positive announcements lately. Last week, the second highest ranking policeman said that his men will no longer ambush motorists from behind trees or in drains, and they are to aim their (speed) guns out in the open.

Today, he announced that motorists caught doing wrong by cameras will be provided a photo as proof, along with the saman ekor, starting from May.

This is an improvement from the current situation, where motorists are expected to take PDRM’s word for it, and cough up the cash without question. Like the previous “get out of the bushes” directive, this is a positive move towards more transparency.

The Deputy IGP expects this new procedure to reduce the chance of mistaken identity. “But if there are still people who claim that police have got the wrong vehicle (even with a picture attached to the summons), they should produce evidence of the mistake at any traffic counter,” he told reporters.

But in areas without CCTV surveillance, the regular way of serving summonses will continue to apply.