A couple of adventure-seeking philanthropists recently traversed Malaysia on BMW Motorrad F 800 GS motorcycles as part of a 20,000 km journey across the Asia-Pacific for a worthy cause.

Morgan Parker and Alan Ng completed the Malaysian-leg of their Wheel2Wheel motorcycle enduro-adventure in aid of the Women’s Aid Organization (WAO), a non-government body set up to prevent violence and discrimination against women.

The duo’s Wheel2Wheel independent non-profit project, which kicked off on March 1, aims to raise funds and awareness of grassroots-level charitable organisations by visiting them as part of the journey, involving 10 charities in 10 countries over 100 days. The project has so far raised USD $180,000 through campaigns over Facebook and Twitter.

Parker and Ng started their travels from Hong Kong before heading across China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and now Malaysia. The next stop is Indonesia, followed by Timor Leste and finally, Parker’s hometown of Brisbane, Australia.

The duo paid a visit to the Auto Bavaria BMW Motorrad dealership in Glenmarie on their custom-fitted F800 GS motorcycles after a four-day riding tour of Malaysia, having travelled over 1,200 km of highways and local trunk roads. The duo was greeted by an entourage from the Malaysian BMW Motorrad Owners Club, before embarking on a short ride to Genting Highlands with stopovers at Batu Caves and the Ulu Yam Lake.

“The journey so far has been quite an interesting challenge with much of the terrain posing difficulties as well as spectacular beauty at the same time. However, the cause has made it all worth it as we have managed to see first hand, the work of the organisations such as the Women’s Aid Organisation in making a difference in the countries they operate in,” Parker said.

He added that the duo have made many friends along their journey. “There’s just something about BMW Motorrad owners, their motorcycles and the spirit of adventure. Throughout my journey, I had the privilege of riding along side a few BMW Motorrad owners as they too journeyed across the terrain.”

All the footage of the Asia-Pacific voyage will be compiled into a special Wheel2Wheel 10-part television series, which will be broadcast on the National Geographic Channel in the second half of 2011. If you’d like to know more about the charitable initiative, find out here.