Nissan’s gonna try a couple of fancy tricks with two of its cars at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, happening next month on July 1-3.

Now the thing about regular cars is that they only have one reverse gear so they can’t go anywhere in a hurry in reverse. Electric cars don’t use regular transmissions so according to Nissan there’s no such issue for a Nissan Leaf to just flip its motor in reverse and potentially hit a top speed of 145 kph … rearwards!

Nissan will be attempting to set a record to be the fastest ever car to be driven up the famous Goodwood Hill Climb backwards.

The other car to be attempting a new feat is the Nissan Juke. Professional stunt driver Terry Grant will attempt to drive the Nissan Juke the entire course using just two wheels. He will also be the man to pilot the Leaf in reverse.