BMW has made quite a name for itself when it comes to video, after all their The Hire series is well established as the benchmark for videos of its kind – product marketing that’s actually very enjoyable to watch.

Now they’re trying something else – a music video, and the car being promoted this time is the new BMW 1-Series. “check my machine” is a film collaboration between BMW Group’s Electronic Media Department and creative Munich artists Jonas Imbery (Gomma Records) and Mirko Borsche (Bureau mirko borsche). The Brainstormclub and Eyetrip are responsible for production.

“The appeal of the work was to develop a viable, independent, recognisable composition that only makes use of vehicle sounds, such as the blinkers, GPS voice, closing noises, seat belts, doors, safety alarm, to name but a few. The visual resolution at the end shows clearly that the percussive elements such as the bass synthesizer, the vocals and the melodies were produced by the vehicle itself,” said Mirko Borsche.

They could have made the video look better though… what you’ll be looking at is essentially the F20’s production line in the manufacturing plant.

Making music with a car isn’t something new though, even locally we have the Ford Fiesta radio ad jingle made with a Fiesta and Shawn Lee’s beatboxing.