Daihatsu has unveiled its latest concept car at the 2011 Indonesian International Motor Show – the Daihatsu A-Concept, which includes the involvement of Indonesians with the support of Daihatsu Japan.

After learning the name of the concept car from the scale model we photographed and featured earlier today, we had initially thought that the letter A in the name meant an A-segment vehicle. While this could still be (or not be) the fact, the official explanation for the letter A is that it represents the first letter in the alphabet and thus signifies the start of a new life for Indonesian society.

According to PT Astra Daihatsu Motor president Sudirman MR, there are currently a group of personnel from his company transferred to Japan for the purpose of knowledge transfer, covering various fields from car design down to production.

And there’s also the fact that Sudirman MR has been recently appointed to the board of directors of Daihatsu Motor Company, firmly cementing Indonesia’s importance in Daihatsu’s plans for the future. Indonesia is being used as the launch (and possibly production) hub for this car, much like India was the center for the concept and production of the Suzuki A-Star/Alto.

This car may very well be a preview for the upcoming affordable and economical car capable of 30km/l that Daihatsu plans to launch. Or it may be not, but from the way the car was presented, this is something that Daihatsu really wants to put into production.

We are guessing that Daihatsu Japan will be introducing the next generation Mira this September, since it has already been five years since the current generation was launched (end 2006). Daihatsu is likely to style the new JDM Mira according to quirky Japanese tastes, but perhaps the design of this A-Concept will be used to create an ASEAN/world version of the car, just like how there is a separate JDM Passo/Boon design for Japan and a Myvi/Sirion design for Malaysia and Indonesia.

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GALLERY: Daihatsu A-Concept
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GALLERY: Daihatsu A-Concept Live at 2011 IIMS
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GALLERY: Daihatsu A-Concept Clay Model
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