Daihatsu Japan has updated their Daihatsu Mira with a new model and guess what… the new facelift seems to sport headlamps that look like they belong to the Myvi family! A similiar design has been spotted on the new Perodua Kancil Replacement Model that has been seen doing testing rounds lately. Look after the jump for some comparisons…


Above is a comparison between the three headlamps. The new Daihatsu Mira front end loses the sharp edged look that it’s predecessor had, now instead appearing more curvy than before. Similiarly, the new front grille has been made more curvy to match the new headlamps. Of course, a new bonnet is also required to match the contour of the new bumper and front grille.



The shape of the widebody-like wheel arch has also been smoothened out to lose it’s sharp edged look. The front bumper has been given a new sportier 3 intake design, the classic two smaller intakes flanking a larger intake in the middle for the radiator. Of course, the wing mirror have gained the customary turn signal indicators that seem to be latest in automotive fashion!



The interior has also been updated. Above is the new interior while the bottom photo is the old interior. With the new Mira, the gear shift has been moved to the center dash instead of positioned traditionally between the two front seats. Our new 2007 Perodua Kancil Replacement Model will likely get the gear shift in the traditional position instead, like the previous generation Mira that it was based on.

Just to remind you how the 2007 Perodua Kancil Replacement Model looks like, here’s a spyshot from one of my previous entries. At the end of this entry, you will find links to all my previous coverage on the 2007 Perodua Kancil Replacement Model to date. Enjoy!






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