[ UPDATE: The Perodua Viva has been launched! Click here for full details on specifications and pricing, as well as many clear photos of both exterior and interior! ]

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen sightings of the upcoming 2007 Perodua Kancil replacement model – the last was shots of a blue one and a white one somewhere up Genting. Here are a series of 3 spyshots of the Perodua Kancil replacement model being tested in Mines, on the way to Bangi. Thanks to reader Tau. Two other photos after the jump.


It looks like one of these cars are a high spec version while the other is a low spec version. If you look at the wing mirror of the car below that’s likely to be a high spec version of the car, there seems to be some gray item which looks like a clear plastic insert – it’s not clear but it looks like it could be a signal light.

The front design is very similiar to the Perodua XX06 Concept shown recently at the 2006 KL International Motor Show. Have a look at the other links I listed below for other spyshots of the Kancil replacement model.


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