It was a hectic few days in Jakarta for us, and the “battle scars” that we brought home include diarrhea, fever and brains implanted with vehicle horn blasts of various tunes. They’re still playing now in the quiet of our office!

Anyway, we hope you’ve enjoyed this website’s Malaysian exclusive coverage of world debuts from Daihatsu and Toyota, as well as interesting cars from Hyundai and Geely, among others. For the full list of posts from Jakarta, look up the panel on the right of the main page.

What better way to wrap up our IIMS 2011 coverage than with a gallery of the various models on display at JI Expo Kemayoran.

Like the metal ones, they come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and they (mostly) look good. Go ahead and feast your eyes, just be mindful of that sibuk colleague and the roaming boss!

If you want to compare specs and details, here’s our previous handiwork from Guangzhou 2010, Bangkok 2010 and KLIMS 2010.