We hope you’ve enjoyed our exclusive Auto Guangzhou 2010 coverage so far, which included reports and galleries of world debuts such as the new Nissan Sunny, MG3 supermini, Hyundai Verna, Li Nian Everus S1 as well as curious creations such as the BMW 520Li, FAW’s “Cross Avanza” and Youngman’s garish rendition of a sporty Proton Persona, among others vehicles.

The huge and modern (their metro makes our urban rail transport feel last century) city of Guangzhou is also replica central for items like branded watches and handbags, and we also showed you some “replicas” of luxury items Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q5, made by Hawtai and GAC respectively.

In the midst of all these knock offs, don’t forget that China is where every luxury brand is raking in record sales; this is an increasingly sophisticated and discerning market flush with cash, and you’ll struggle to find the Hawtai and GAC Q5 in a sea of the real stuff in major cities. This is now the world’s largest auto market, and even a “small” Chinese show like Guangzhou is relevant to the world.

If you haven’t enjoyed the above, you will now. If you did, you should perhaps send us a New Year’s hamper because you’re gonna love what’s after the jump. We’ve gathered the lovely ladies of Auto Guangzhou 2010 into one big gallery, so go ahead and enjoy! Happy New Year from Canton!