Here’s another debutant at the ongoing Auto Guangzhou 2010, the MG3. Although the MG brand is now in Chinese hands, they are keen to promote the British links and heritage of the marque, which was obvious from the constant presence of Union Jacks around the stand. SAIC even brought in classic MGs for the show.

The MG3 is a B-segment supermini that’s rather neatly styled and proportioned. At 3,999 mm long, 1,728 mm wide and 1,517 mm tall, it’s about the size of a Ford Fiesta, but slightly larger in all directions. The 2,520 mm wheelbase is also very long for its class. The black roof isn’t very original but there are some neat details such as headlamp bulbs with MG logos, like the Mk4 VW Polo. The long rear lamps are a bit like the Volvo XC60’s.


The interior is quite pleasant as well. While plastics are hard, the dash design is cool in a minimalist way, and there are some iPod influences in the white trim and stereo controls. If you’re wondering what’s in the dash top cubby, it’s a mount for a portable GPS unit. The two-tone black-beige theme also works for me, and it’s quite spacious at the back, too.

There’s not much info on what’s underneath, save for the option of a 92 hp 1.3L engine and a 108 hp 1.5L unit. The show car has an AMT gearbox. The MG3 will be launched locally in March 2011.