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Naza Italia gave the media a preview of the Ferrari FF at their Petaling Jaya showroom this morning. The FF is the latest product wearing a Prancing Horse badge and it made its debut at the Geneva show in March. A replacement for the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the FF is what Maranello calls “a completely new take on the sporting Grand Tourer theme”.

FF stands for Ferrari Four. The FF is a four-wheel drive (a first for the brand) four-seater GT with its engine in a “front-mid” position under that long hood. The powerplant in question is a direct injection V12 displacing 6,262 cc. It makes 660 horses at 8,000 rpm and 683 Nm at 6,000 rpm, 500 Nm of which is available at just 1,000 rpm.

Needless to say, performance is staggering – the 0-100 km/h sprint is covered in 3.7 seconds on to a top speed of 335 km/h. The FF weighs in at 1,880 kilos by the way.

Coupled with a seven-speed F1 dual-clutch gearbox, efficiency has been significantly boosted too, with fuel consumption standing at 15.4 litres per 100 km and CO2 emissions at 360 g/km. This is 25% lower compared to Ferrari’s previous V12s, thanks to the HELE (High Emotions- Low Emissions) System that incorporates Stop&Start technology. Yes, even Ferrari has to think green in today’s landscape.

The patented 4RM four-wheel drive system has torque delivered mainly to the rear wheels, but a Power Transfer Unit sends drive to the front wheels when necessary on low grip surfaces. Torque to divided to each of the four wheels individually, and the car’s dynamic vehicle controls (E-Diff, F1-Trac and PTU) have been integrated into a single CPU.

The weight distribution is 53% to the rear. Those brakes are third gen Brembo carbon-ceramic items that are now lighter and longer-lasting, with “virtually negligible wear during normal use on the road”.

The CF rich interior features four individual seats (they look very body hugging) divided in the middle by a high tunnel.

With this Ferrari, once can bring the family along with their luggage – boot space is a generous 450 litres, and the independently folding rear chairs can expand it up to 800 litres. The matching luggage set looks really good, too.

There’s even a rear-seat infotainment system screens for watching DVDs and a 1,280 watt, 16-channel stereo with Dolby Surround Sound. Yes, this is a Ferrari!

Is this four-wheel drive, four-seat, Ferrari for the family your kind of thing? If all is agreeable, what’s left is the small matter of writing a RM2.8 million cheque to Naza Italia, and your own FF will be flown in from Italy.

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