Since Honda will be making available the Honda Brio in both Thailand (already on sale) and Indonesia (today’s previous story), perhaps eventually the Honda Brio will be made available in Malaysia as well, as Honda’s ASEAN offerings seem to be quite consistent from country to country.

In fact, reader Prem has already spotted one unit of the Honda Brio being transported on a trailer in Malaysia. Curiously, whoever was transporting the Brio made no real attempts to disguise the identity of the car other than just some protective taping on the badges, which makes us wonder if this particular Brio even has anything to do with Honda Malaysia. It might be competitors conducting market research.

The production center for the Brio in the region is currently located in Thailand, and even Indonesia imports the subcompact in CBU form from our northern neighbors. If it is ever launched here, I am guessing the Brio will end up being a Thai CBU here as well.

If launched in Malaysia, the Brio will take over the Honda City S’s spot as the most affordable Honda in Malaysia. Given the City S is priced at RM85,480, how much would you pay for a 1.2 litre engined Honda Brio in Malaysia?