According to reports, Honda is set to introduce its Brio subcompact in Indonesia next year. The hatchback will be imported from Thailand, where it is built.

Honda has been anticipating sales of the Brio in Thailand to reach the 40,000 mark in the first year, following its official launch in March and market debut in May. However, due to parts shortages as a result of the March 11 Japan earthquake, the figure fell short of 1,000 units through the end of June, the reports add.

With output now returning to normal, the company has decided to start moving the Brio into neighbouring markets, beginning with Indonesia in 2012. It is expected to be priced at a similar level to that in Thailand, and the aim is to move several thousand units in the first 12 months, though the reports did not specify the exact number.

The company is also slated to launch the Brio in India at the end of October, but the model there will feature limited specifications to keep its cost low. When the Brio sedan that’s apparently in the works joins the lineup in 2013, expect that to go into these markets as well.