is Honda Malaysia preparing to launch a special version of the Honda City soon? A contest running on their website seems to indicate so, as the URL of the contest page has the string “citySE” in it. Is there going to be a Honda City SE available soon?

The contest is called the “Guess The Car Parts” contest and it involves the contestant identifying four different car parts from a drop down list. Then you have to fill in a slogan. My guess some of the four photos are also a teaser for perhaps some bodykit accessories that will be equipped on the Honda City SE.

I don’t think this is the Honda City facelift which we saw recently as the design of the front bumper of the facelift is different – an X shape for the front end instead of a V shape. One of the photos for you to guess in the contest kinda looks like the front bumper and it still shows a V shape.

The three best entries with correct answers and best slogan will win an iPad 2. You can check out the contest page by clicking here.