Proton finished third in last weekend’s APRC Rally of Hokkaido in Japan, with Alister McRae standing on the podium with MRF drivers Katsu Taguchi and Gaurav Gill, the latter winning taking the honours in his Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X. This meant that the Driver’s title race would have gone down to the wire in China, with a three-way battle between McRae, his Proton teammate Chris Atkinson (who retired in Japan) and Gill.

However, the latest news is that Indian driver Gill has been excluded from the results after a technical infringement found during the post-event scrutineering. This means that he’s out of reckoning, and the Driver’s title battle will be between Proton teammates McRae and Atkinson – who will take the title?

Congratulations! Now, let’s seal up that Manufacturer’s title as well!