We guessed so last month, and now Honda Malaysia has launched a special edition Honda City, the “2011 Honda City 3rd Generation Special Edition”, to give it its full name as per press release. Just 500 units of this City SE will be made available.

No mechanical changes, just aesthetics. The SE gets a full Modulo aero kit set that includes a front under spoiler, side under spoiler, rear under spoiler and duck tail spoiler. Besides those, SE owners get to choose a special number between 001 to 500 for their car. This number is then engraved on the door sill plate (side step), like ‘City SE 001’ for example. SE numbers will be obtained upon registration of the car.

Additionally, City SEs will come with “advanced nanotechnology solar control film” for all screens and windows. Available only in Polished Metal or Tafetta White, the City Special Edition is priced at RM92,890, which is RM2,500 more than the standard car. Honda Malaysia points out that the add-ons are worth over RM6,000, so you’re getting a good deal.

You can check out the City SE at any Honda dealer from now.