Mitsubishi is set to launch its Delica D:3 passenger minivan, as well as the commercial version called the Delica Van, at the end of October in Japan. As is already known, the new Delica (which gets its name from Delivery Car, with the number 3 chosen by the company to denote a vehicle of minivan size) is a rebadged Nissan NV 200, one of the models supplied to MMC by Nissan on an OEM basis.

In the case of the passenger version, two trim levels are available, these being a G version, which seats seven in three rows, and a M variant, which is a two-row, five-seater.

The Delica D:3 is powered by a 1.6 litre engine, mated to an electronically-controlled four-speed automatic transmission; a manual transmission is available, but only with the commercial version, which also comes in two trim levels, DX and GX, the latter with a more passenger-focused trim.