Reader Theyson snapped some pics of this Citroen DS4 at Brooklands Motors’ Sungai Besi HQ in KL. We can’t confirm, but according to him, this sole unit is brought in for JPJ testing purposes, which could mean that Brooklands is looking to introduce this model in Malaysia soon?

Unveiled at Paris 2010, the DS4 is the second model in Citroen’s DS range after the DS3. It is based on the Citroen C4, but with difference is styling as well as a higher grade interior. It’s available with a choice of five engines in Europe – two HDi diesels and three petrol engines. The most powerful of the latter is a 200 hp THP, joined by a THP 155 and a VTi 120. All three are variants of the 1.6-litre BMW-PSA Prince engine that also feature in Peugeots and MINIs.

But while sister brand Peugeot mates the engines with a six-speed automatic, Citroen prefers its EGS transmission, which is an AMT-style automated clutch manual. The good old stick shift is the preferred choice in Europe.

With the path opened by Peugeot and VW, there has never been a better time than now to bring in European hatchbacks. The DS4 won’t have the backing of a huge support network, but the few who buy it will surely stand out in a sea of 308s and Golfs.

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