Honda is bringing back the name Honda Integra to one of its products, but unfortunately it’s not the sports coupe with the screaming high-revving engine that we used to know and love. The 2012 Honda Integra is actually a motorcycle with a scooter-ish riding position which puts the rider’s feet further forward than a motorcycle.

The new Honda Integra uses a 51 hp water-cooled 700cc inline-two engine, which Honda says offers the compact dimensions of an inline engine and the character of a V-twin thanks to a 270 degree throw crankshaft. It’s a long-stroke engine, with a 73 mm x 80 mm bore-stroke ratio for its cylinders, so this should generally mean an engine designed to provide lots of low to mid end torque instead of being a screamer, which should suit this kind of bike.

The Integra also gets a second-generation Dual Clutch Transmission which is lighter and more compact than the version first used in the VFR1200F. It has a simplified hydraulic circuit, among other design enhancements. A learning function has been added to each selected running mode to detect a variety of riding environments from city streets to mountain passes and automatically performs the most suitable shift logic. You can also stick to a 6-speed manual if you want.

Honda estimates a fuel economy of 27 km/L for the Integra. Being a bike instead of a car, the new Honda Integra will debut at the 69th EICMA International Motorcycle Exhibition instead of the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.