I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself – a very nice and revealing shot of the new Proton P3-21A sedan that has been making its way around the internet this week. Done in a sporty yellow, we can spot projector headlamps, and a nice sporty bumper with a prominent center air intake and big fog lamp inserts.

There have been a few revisions to the front end of the P3-21A compared to when it was previewed at last year’s KLIMS motorshow as the Proton Tuah concept. We’ve uploaded one picture of the Tuah above for easy comparison. For one, the headlamps have a different internal lens configuration now, and the lower edge of the headlamps now joins the grille. The daytime running lights at the fog lamp area has also been replaced by a regular fog lamp, but it appears that Proton has kept some form of LED daytime running lamp running along the lower edge of the headlamp.

Do you like what you see?