It wouldn’t be the Tokyo show without wacky urban concepts, and here’s what Honda has come up with for this edition, the Micro Commuter Concept. Honda is describing the MCC as an “urban mobile power suit”, something that urbanites can casually wear like a comfortable jacket.

For this, try to remove yourself from our hot and humid weather and imagine Tokyo city (or jog your memory, if you’ve been here before), where no one leaves home for work without a jacket.

Honda compares the MCC with a jacket because the vehicle molds itself to match the needs of the driver from the second he or she steps in. For example, placing your smartphone in the front slot brings up personalised info on the multi-projection. When you select a destination, the MCC points out available restauarants or interesting venues.

And because your car is plugged into your social network, the screens show where your friends are checked in and/or doing. Smart phone is the key here.

The other unique thing about the MCC is its Man Maximum, Machine Minimum (M/M) concept featuring a 1+2 layout. The driver sits in the middle, flanked by two seats behind it. The empty space beside the driver can be for luggage or Honda’s Motor Compo, a two-wheeled EV concept. Two of those bike-like machines can fit, and they can even double up as arm rest or stereo!

This Li-ion battery powered EV also has customisable panels at the front, rear and sides. Once again, we have some pre-show event shots of the MCC in daylight. Here’s your jacket, sir!