Most people in Japan drive Japanese cars, but in trendy Tokyo, driving a Continental car is a status symbol and a way to stand out – even better if it’s a left hand drive unit! Now, here’s one even more rare specimen, a one-off model called the A1 Samurai Blue. Part of profits from this Japanese national football team edition car will go to a charity.

Based on the 122 hp 1.4 TFSI three-door hatch, the Samurai Blue is one for the hardcore Blue Samurai fan, and besides the unique paintjob, every customisable part of the A1 interior gets a matching job, from the plastic seatbacks and door cards to the base of the centre console and air con vent rings. Adidas is the kit sponsor for JFA, and their logo is peppered around the A1, too.

Too bad we’re too small a market for an “A1 Harimau Malaya edition”. Wait, that one will end up looking like Bumblebee!