The Toyota GT 86 is undoubtedly the star of Tokyo Motor Show 2011, the belle of the ball. And while the Subaru BRZ (stands for Boxer engine, Rear-drive, Zenith) is essentially the same car, with the same flat-four engine, it didn’t generate as much ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ as the new hachi-roku. Understandable, since it’s not the one with the evocative name.

But the compact body goes quite well with Subaru blue, I think, and FHI had a fetching matte white BRZ on display, too. Other differences from the Toyota include the addition of a funky spoiler and the lack of the 86 logo at the base of the A-pillar, replaced by a generic vent. Subaru is also mighty proud of its trademark Boxer engine, which is compact, light and with a low centre of gravity, ideal for a small sports car.

This “Proud of Boxer” statement will be seen on the race BRZ that Subaru will campaign in next year’s Super GT GT300 category, as well as the team’s overalls. Subaru’s many fans will be wishing for a “STI version” with turbo and AWD, but will Toyota allow its prom queen be overshadowed and outperformed by her sister?

Enjoy these live shots of the BRZ from Tokyo Big Sight, including interior shots and the GT300 racer. Click here for live pics and a video of the GT 86.