In a move that should hopefully unshackle the idea that work has to follow one home, Volkswagen has agreed to stop sending emails through Blackberry devices to its workers in Germany after working hours.

According to reports, an agreement was reached between the company and its labour representatives that will see the email function being deactivated at night for the 1,154 pay-scale employees at VW’s six plants in Germany who have a smartphone device furnished by the company.

These workers will only receive e-mails from half an hour before the start of flex-time working hours until half an hour after they end, but will still be able to receive and make phone calls. Board level execs will however continue to receive emails via their Blackberry devices.

The move came about following complaints from employees that being reachable all the time blurred the lines between work and home life as well as heighten the risk of burnout. Needless to say, the response to the decision to deactivate e-mails at night has been very positive.