BMW Group Malaysia, in a press briefing this morning, announced that 2011 was a record breaking year for them in terms of sales. The company sold a total of 5,604 vehicles last year, consisting of 5,003 BMWs, 301 MINIs and 300 Motorrad bikes. This surpasses the sales figure of 2010 by 24%, making Malaysia one of the fastest growing markets in the entire BMW Group network.

At the event this morning at Pavilion KL, Briscoe, together with Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, unveiled the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept Car, which will be on show at the posh mall till this Sunday. The futuristic concept car is featured in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol, where it is driven by saviour of the world Ethan Hunt, played by Tom Cruise.

The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics is quite a sight, but it’s not coming to your neighbourhood BMW showroom anytime soon. What is coming are BMW’s ActiveHybrid models, in F30 3-Series and F10 5-Series form, sometime this year. But don’t expect cut price BMWs – these models are powered by 3.0-litre turbo engines, and will not enjoy the tax breaks given to hybrids from Toyota and Honda.

If you didn’t know, BMW’s ActiveHybrid models aren’t all out eco cars, they pack in plenty of performance. We’ve covered them it detail already – click here and here for more on the ActiveHybrid 3 and ActiveHybrid 5. We’ve also driven the ActiveHybrid 7, click here to read the review.

Hybrids aside, BMW Group Malaysia is without doubt the biggest proponent of diesel engines in Malaysia, and it will continue to bring in ‘d’ models. They say that diesels now account for 15-20% of total sales in Malaysia, which is encouraging, but to increase that number, the company is hoping that the Government will do its part in this matter.

“The Malaysian government’s long stated intention of introducing Euro IV spec for fuel for instance is a critical step towards the country’s evolution into an actual green tech advocate, and it’s our hope that greater emphasis will be given towards the alternative engine technologies that are readily available today in the discussion of the second review of the National Automotive Policy scheduled for this year,” said Geoffrey Briscoe, MD of BMW Group Malaysia.

“It is vital that while we pursue new alternatives to achieve sustainability, attention is also given to improve on existing tech such as Advanced Petrol and Diesel engines which run on the lower sulphur content Euro IV spec fuel, as well as the introduction of incentives for all hybrid tech including those for hybrid vehicles above 2,000 cc, as these engines can prove to be more efficient than their smaller counterparts,” urged Briscoe.

If this wish list comes true, BMW won’t be the only party benefiting, but Malaysian car buyers as well.