Lim Hui Min of Kuala Lumpur didn’t expect to be having two Peugeots in her household, but now she has. The owner of a 207 sedan now has an additional Pug, in this case a 308 Turbo, and she didn’t have to fork out a sen for it.

Lim was chosen ahead of 434 other Pug 207 owners as the winner of the Peugeot 207 Gimme More campaign, which sought to reward customers who purchased either a 207 or a 207SV during the campaign period, which ran from July to December last year.

Participants were required to answer three questions and complete a slogan describing what they like the most about the 207. A total of 50 winners were selected from the entries, with Lim bagging the grand prize. The following 20 winners received an iPad2 each, while the remaining 29 winners received exclusive Peugeot merchandise.

Local Pug boys Nasim recently handed over the car to Lim at a special handover ceremony at Peugeot Puchong. Speaking at the ceremony, Nasim COO Datuk Samson Anand George said that the campaign gave the company a chance to see just how creative its customers were in describing what they liked the most about the 207.

“It wasn’t easy picking the 50 winners and judging by the response we received, there are many proud 207 owners,” he said.

Lim’s winning entry was: “I love the Peugeot 207 because it brings back the joy of driving!”
The 33-year-old IT consultant, who purchased her 207 in September, said she came up with her slogan while in her car during heavy traffic.

“I was stuck in a jam and the idea came to my mind. I like the stability and smoothness of the 207. I didn’t think I would win, so it was a pleasant surprise,” she said. Despite winning the 308 Turbo, Lim said she will continue to drive her 207 while her husband will use their brand new ride.