The trend now is to go for smaller vehicles with smaller more fuel efficient engines wherever possible, and a prime candidate for these downsized vehicles are the packed cities that can be found in nearly every economy. The commercial vehicle business looks to be doing the same, as these sketches preview Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles’ first small van designed for urban use.

Called the Mercedes-Benz Citan – an amalgamation of City and Titan, the new “urban delivery van” will slot in a new segment under the Vito, Sprinter and Vario models, and will be available as a standard panel van as well as a crew bus and other configurations in various lengths and weights. A Mixto passenger variant will also be on sale. Once a “niche” market in the 90s, the small delivery van segment currently accounts for 700,000 units a year in Europe alone, and Mercedes-Benz expects to claim a 4% to 5% market share with the new Citan.

Both petrol and diesel engines will be available for the Citan, and given the intended city usage, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually you could see some kind of electric Citan in the future.