Looks like Proton and YTL Communications are up to something together – there’s a teaser black box in front of Lot 10 where passer-bys are able to peek in to check out what’s being teased. This is in line with what Proton has been doing with the last few models they launched – they’ve always let the public do a “peek-a-boo preview” of the car through a box like this with holes cut into it.

But what has YTL Communications’ YES 4G service got to do with it? My guess is that it could be something to do with the bundling of a YES 4G device with the upcoming Proton P3-21A sedan, or perhaps certain models of the P3-21A will have a YES 4G hotspot built into it? The former is more likely than the latter. A MiFi-like device would suit such an application the best. But let’s not get too excited, this could be something to do with an existing Proton model like the Inspira or the Persona as well.

A hotspot for the road in your car is certainly both cool and useful, I often create a “mobile hotspot” in my F10 by plugging any variant of MiFi-like device into the F10 glovebox’s USB port. I use the glovebox’s USB port because I prefer to reserve the one in the armrest storage for my iPhone to keep it charged and to play music. I’ve worked in the car on my laptop or tablet device many times (not while I’m driving of course) on long journeys such as up to Penang – it helps reclaim otherwise wasted travel time.

Anyway, another possibility is that if Proton and YTL Communications felt that such a partnership was a match, it could mean that the P3-21A has at least 2 USB ports for us to hook up our gadgets to the car and charge them at the same time. The more the merrier – USB ports are certainly a very useful thing to have in a car these days.