It looks like there’s something stirring in the air on the Toyota front, with a teaser for another impending arrival cropping up on the UMW Toyota website.

A graphic titled ‘Rethink the way you drive’ as well as a teaser video (you can watch it embedded in the post below) playing up the emission levels an average petrol-driven vehicle emits a year can only mean one thing, that the all-new PRIUS c – and in all likelihood, the new PRIUS as well – is about to hit town.

The arrival of both vehicles isn‘t exactly a surprise – we’ve carried stories on the specifications as well as the estimated pricing of both the PRIUS c and the New PRIUS, so we already know they’re due to come about.

The graphic, which features a light bulb equation on top of the tagline, doesn’t really disclose anything, but the video certainly does, what with its suggestion that it’s time drivers should be thinking about what they drive and how they drive – with the ‘Solution’ imminent – being a giveaway that one or both the hybrids are set to be launched very, very soon.

Incidentally, an average petrol powered car emits about 3,870 kg of CO2 a year and also gives off almost 85dB of sound pollution, according to the video clip, so you’ll be doing your bit to lower them if you’re set to join the growing ranks of those going green, it seems.

Whatever it is, stay tuned if you’ve got your sights set on either of the PRIUS models – we’ll definitely be carrying the launch story on them when the time comes! In the meanwhile, check out the microsite Rethink The Way You Drive.