The Yes 4G Proton Inspira that was finally unveiled earlier today at Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, may be a one-off example, but you can expect more in the way of Internet connectivity in Protons in the coming future.

At the unveiling ceremony, the national carmaker and Yes also announced a collaboration to offer Malaysia’s first 4G Internet cars, in which high-speed mobile 4G connectivity is set to be a standard feature in future new Proton models.

The first mass market model to offer this feature as standard will be Proton’s soon-to-be launched P3-21A sedan, which will enjoy Yes as a new value-added item – though no mention was made, the device will presumably come in the form of the existing Huddle unit. No word about pricing or other technical details, but these should be answered at point of launch.

The addition of course will allow Proton cars to tap into the Yes 4G mobile internet network, which currently covers over 65% of the country’s populated areas, with full connectivity across the entire 960 km stretch of the North-South Expressway as well as a large portion of the East-Coast Expressway.

Up to five mobile devices can be connected to the car’s micro-wireless network at any one time, providing high-speed internet access to users. In the future, Proton and Yes aim to enable drivers with smart applications such as remote real-time vehicle diagnostics, security and location-based services that will make the driving experience a safer, more convenient and enjoyable one.

Speaking at the event, Proton MD Datuk Seri Syed Zainal Abidin said the initiative has been designed with the intention of offering Proton customers speed, mobility, convenience and greater productivity while on the road.

“The role of the automobile is diversifying and changing rapidly. It is no longer viewed solely for mobility purposes, but is evolving into an extension of an individual’s social and business circle. A fast wireless 4G connection in the car keeps you connected to this circle, whatever your location may be,” he said.

“It’s not just about having the car 4G-empowered. We are now working to embed this technology into future Proton models. And this initiative is certainly in-line with our brand promise of being ‘Commited To Be Better, as we are constantly seeking ways to enhance the ownership experience of a Proton car,” he added.

Meanwhile, YTL Communications executive director Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong applauded Proton for having the foresight to provide 4G connectivity to its customers. “In today’s world, high-speed mobile connectivity is just as essential as music players and air conditioning in automobiles. We are very excited to embark on the journey of making this vision a reality with Proton,” Yeoh said.

The one-off special edition Yes 4G internet-enabled Proton Inspira of course marks the strategic collaboration, and it’s the grand prize in an online contest on Facebook, which runs until March 27. Click here to join the contest.