Auto Bavaria Sg. Besi offers special discounts for the BMW 320i Sports

Yes, the launch of the all-new F30 BMW 3-Series is just around the corner, as we’ve started to catch the F30 in the flesh on at least two occasions. With that said, it’s also no surprise that the outgoing E90 3-Series is being offered with attractive discounts and promotions. :)

Following last weekend’s successful sales campaign of the BMW 323i at Auto Bavaria Sg. Besi, where all units were sold out at interesting prices, the dealership is now offering pre-registered units of the BMW 320i Sport at very special prices. Not only that, these very limited units are being offered with 3 years of BSRI, which of course stands for BMW Service + Repair Inclusive. For more information, you can call Auto Bavaria Sg. Besi at 03-9223 3200.

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